About TRX Blasts

TRX Blasts was created to take advantage of how low TRON price has fallen so that our members can earn and accumulate TRON during this bear market.

At TRX Blasts, you can enjoy both matching bonuses and cycle bonuses in our 3x1 quick filling cyclers. Our system has a twist. When you purchase into the 3x10, you also get an entry into the 3x1 Cycler system. As you build your 3x10, you will also be cycling through the 3x1's loading your wallet with TRON.

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Why Choose TRX Blasts

TRX Blasts has put much thought into what our members need and want to see in a program.


One Big Matrix

Start with our 3x10 matrix. Your 1st position follows your sponsor, each additional position follows your top position


Rewarding Bonuses

Earn 50% matching bonus on your referrals matrix commissions.


PIF Features

Many members find it easier to just pay it foward to new members. We have a fast and easy PIF and Global PIF system.

Total Members
Total Positions
Total Earned
Total Withdrawals

TRX Blasts Pay Plan

TRX Blasts starts with a combo plan. When you purchase the 3x10, you are also purchasing Level 1 of the 3x1 system. Each 3x10 purchase gives you a new position under your original position in the 3x10 along with a and a new 3x1.

Earn Matching Bonus Commissions

Earn 50% matching bonus for every referrals 3x10 commissions.

Fast Level Cyclers

Fast 3x1 get you started towards the 1 Million Tron.

Recruit or PIF

You have the ability to recruit or PIF members into TRX Blasts.

Please use the graphic below to better understand the compensation plan.

Refer just 3 new members and your initial purchase will be earned back. Have them do the same and you'll fill the 3x10 in no time.
Keep in mind you can just PIF 3 members for 150 Tron, which is about $8-$10.

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